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RFID Temperature Logging

Check out our new mini-video about an RFID-based temperature logging and reporting.
There are currently three different ways to track temperature: RFID HF, RFID UHF, and BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy. Each have their strengths.
This video briefly describes each approach, its advantages and disadvantages.
Please let us know if we could set up a reliable temperature logging and reporting system to address your business needs.

Click here to watch this video.

2022 Aug 8

Documents tracking using RFID - update

We are happy to announce availability of an updated RFID tracking solution for documents, files, folders and archives.
The updated system uses Android OS based mobile data collectors. Mobile readers allow for extra flexibility and convenience. By adjusting RFID signal reading range, an employee can quickly narrow down the location of the document of interest.

Click here to watch 2-min video about RFID tracking for documents.

2022 Apr 19

Artificial intelligence for Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We are planning to introduce new technology for the implementation of our next WMS (Warehouse Management System) in Ottawa. SageData already have RFID in use in existing WMS systems, but are introducing some artificial intelligence to work around some of the restrictions related to current RFID implementations.

Stay tuned for more information.

Click here to watch brief video about our WMS.

2022 Mar 28

Firearms inventory management - a brief video

We are pleased to share our new brief video covering important subject of Firearms Inventory Management.

Click here to watch the video.

2022 Feb 28

Self Diagnostic Bot

SageData Solutions has implemented a self-diagnostic bot to help reducing the Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) when a client experiences a system error.
Due to security reasons, many of our clients have our software installed and running on their own servers. When they experience a failure, the main challenge for our support engineers is to access the data located on client's server.

To address this challenge, we developed a self diagnostic bot.

Read more about our latest technology here.

2021 Oct 22

Emma - the Backend System Emulator

Potential clients frequently inquire whether the SageData BassetPro system is able to integrate with their existing backend system (for example SAP). The answer is YES, we can do it.
We have done it many times ensuring that the BassetPro and the backend systems can pass information back and forth. Moreover, there are no changes to the client system or their existing processes because SageData adapts the BassetPro interface to the existing system.

Our new flexible backend system emulator - Emma will help us to ensure that the inter-system interfaces are developed quickly and tested thoroughly.

Read more about Emma here.

2021 July 8


One may happily live their entire life without knowing the difference between a SKU and a UIC, but not if you are in the inventory management world. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and UIC stands for Unique Identification Code. The difference between them is important to understand when considering the solution to your tracking needs.
Asset Management, Warehouse Management, Stock Management and other areas of Physical Items Management may require either UICs or SKUs or even both. Do you need to know the exact item that was given out or do you need to know the type of item but not the specific one?
SageData Solutions is happy to offer a brief video that explains the difference.

2021 Apr 12

The Bill of Lading

Exciting news - SageData Solutions is now offering an electronic Bill of Lading to help the businesses to keep track of their valuable assets. The Bill of Lading can be one of the most important documents in the system. It tracks everything that leaves the premises, capturing what left, when it left, who took it, and who loaded it. And it can be an essential tool to manage the transfer or responsibility, from the warehouse to the carrier.
To read more click here The Bill of Lading.

2021 Feb 10