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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for asset and inventory management

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Alongside RFID implementations, we are able to deliver BLE solutions for asset management in environments where long read range, lack of sight-line, and requirement for a variety of sensors are major factors.
Specific applications can include areas such as EMS or police kit tracking, construction site tool or materials locating, safety management, lab supplies supervision, always-on monitoring of valuable equipment (with alerts if anything goes missing).
In fact, the more we have considered BLE applications, the more appears possible for mission-critical applications in both private and public sector.

Typical bluetooth beacons

Why BLE?
The great news is that there need be no extra investment in tag reading hardware. Any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer (with the appropriate BassetPro software) does the job. With a read range of a hundred feet or more, BLE has the potential to displace active RFID as the long-distance solution for tracking. And, of course, unlike fixed active RFID readers, BLE readers do not require an infrastructure of cables and power.
Always-on applications can be as simple as walking around with your smartphone running the appropriate software.

But there is so much more. Consider the power of using the smartphone GPS in conjunction with the BLE devices, or having on board sensors for temperature, light, movement and so on, or having the device inform you of its presence with a flashing light or audible alarm. All of this is there now.
And beyond this, there are ways that a BLE infrastructure can revolutionize asset management in ways similar to the revolution that has occurred in the consumer field (think of bluetooth-enabled wearables, for instance).
We would be happy to provide you with more details.

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