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Managing and Tracking documents using RFID and barcodes

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Using RFID or barcodes

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Most often, the things we are asked about as subjects for tracking are tangible goods - computers, furniture, vehicles, hospital equipment, medications, museum artifacts, defense and police equipment, industrial machinery - the list is long.

However, more often lately we have fielded a number of enquiries around paper-based assets - files, folders, invoices, hard-copy documentation and so on. In the digital age it seems that paper is not going away any time soon. Part of this is a legacy issue - many files were started many years ago, part is a legal requirement - for instance, maintaining actual records with actual signatures is important.

SageData Solutions has used our BassetPro product as a base, suitably configured for specialized file tracking, in several interesting projects. Some government departments maintain enormous archives of materials where files are stored but rarely retrieved. However, when a retrieval IS required, it often needs to be done quickly for an urgent referral. Other clients have a system of file review where paper-based files move rapidly around several desks in multiple offices - and tracking those can be a particular challenge. In this later case, RFID tags are a boon in that files may be tracked down even when they cannot be seen - for example they are under other files, in a briefcase or have fallen down behind a desk.

In our experience, every file and archive management situation is different. The requirements revolve around volume and velocity of material, storage methods, security concerns and end-goals of the user. This is where BassetPro, with its highly configurable interfaces and logic streams, comes into its own.

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