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Snow removal / dump site management

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Snow removal Beautiful winter

Snow causes different feelings in different people.
For some it is a beautiful winter phenomena pleasant to look at, and full of various enjoyments: like building a snowman, sliding, skiing, snowshoeing and more.
For others it is a nuisance restricting their driving, requiring shovel driveways, blocking sidewalks, etc.
And, there are people that make money by removing and relocating (dumping) snow away from the neighborhoods and busy streets. These hardworking people require a place to dump the snow - usually, a large open area where trucks can dump their load - a snow dump site.

The Problem

When multiple trucks coming to the snow dump there are few important elements that the dump owner needs to take care of:
- Make the truck entrance as efficient as possible. This is consequential for the drivers - an extra run means extra money earned. So, any delay is counterproductive and they would rather exit and go to a faster dump site.

- Track the trucks and their load (small, medium, large extra large) to make money. This is crucial for the snow dump owner. After all, that's how they make their living.

- Prevent fraud. Tracking trucks and their load needs to be fast and accurate to prevent undercharging due to the gate personnel errors and or the drivers' unlikely but possible attempts to avoid paying.
Using a spreadsheet might be challenging, as the gate keeper needs to be in front of a computer to enter the information while keeping an eye on all the incoming trucks.

The Solution

Mobile unit screen

Sagedata Solutions would be happy to help address this problem. Our Snow Dump solution is readily available and has been tested in the field.
The staff at the entrance gate use ruggedized mobile scanners. These scanners work in cold weather, snow and rain. Staff do not need to take their gloves off to use these scanners.
When a truck enters the gate, the driver shows a prepaid barcoded ticket (a unique barcode is used) corresponding to the truck load.
A quick scan confirms that the ticket is valid, thus allowing the driver to proceed.
The supervisor can see the transactions as they occur. There are multiple reports available. For example, total per driver, total per day, etc.
Our system is designed to handle multiple locations in case there are multiple snow dump sites managed by the same company. The deployment is very easy as the mobile scanners use either Wi-Fi or a cellular network to connect to the server. The only requirement for the staff is to charge the devices when required. The supervisor reports are web-based and accessed via the Internet (see below a sample of Ticket status report).

A supervisor / owner can be in the Bahamas or at home, and view the reports in real time. We make it easy to ensure a fast, accurate and reliable snow removal management.

Contact us for more information.

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