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SageData Government solutions

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Canadian federal and provincial governments face a multitude of different challenges while providing services to the public.
Here are a few examples to demonstrate diversity of various activities that require reliable technical solutions:

Canadian Parliament
Photo from Pexels

 - archive files and documents management
 - food safety control
 - construction warehouse management
 - soil samples management
 - furniture assembly management
 - PPE inventory management
 - computer hard drive disposal
 - and many more...

These are just a few cases that SagaData Solutions helped with using a combination of barcode, RFID technologies and BassetPro software solution.

The Challenge

Archive files management

Some government departments maintain enormous archives of materials where files are stored but rarely retrieved. However, when a retrieval IS required, it often needs to be done quickly for an urgent referral.
Other clients have a system of file review where paper-based files move rapidly around several desks in multiple offices - and tracking those can be a particular challenge.
In this later case, RFID tags are a boon in that files may be tracked down even when they cannot be seen - for example they are under other files, in a briefcase or have fallen down behind a desk.

Food safety control

When there is a mass food production (think inmates) making sure that food making is safe is mandatory. For starters, one needs to know the recipes, measure the raw ingredients, cook, store properly and deliver when required. There is also a process of receiving the ingredients, logging the supplier and the lot data to ensure this information is available in case of food recall or an investigation.
In short, this is a complex and multi-phase process that requires real-time and reliable management.

Construction warehouse management

During an ongoing renovation project of one of the iconic building complexes, a client has to dismantle and store tens of thousands of the original finishes, stones, floor tiles for a period of several years. Once the exterior construction is completed these items will be put in place as the interior work proceeds.
There are some serious challenges to be addressed:
 - items to be stored are of different shapes and sizes
 - items are stored either in containers or without depending on their physical dimensions
 - the number of items is very significant requiring more than one warehousing location
 - some items require to be moved from one warehouse to another using commercial trucks
 - client needs to know the exact location from where an item was removed and where it is at present

Soil samples management

As part of an environmental safety control, a client collects and stores thousands of soil samples taken from various locations across the country. The information associated with each sample is very important - it is necessary to know when a particular sample was taken, the exact place from which it was taken, who collected it and, most importantly, where it is now.
Because every few years there is a need to retrieve a specific sample for an investigation or a comparison with another soil sample.
The challenge is to find the sample that could be stored in one of multiple warehouses.

Furniture assembly management

What are the key elements that ensure a success in the furniture assembly process?
Probably the most important factor is the presence of all the required parts. Having clear and easy to follow instructions is also an important element. It is necessary to have proper tools to ensure that assembling furniture is smooth. Experience of the assemblers is the last element that makes a big difference whether the assembly goes well or slow and painfully.
How to ensure that an assembly plant that deals with multiple orders has all the required parts in stock?
How to ensure that a worker picks up the correct parts for the work order at hand?

The Solution

SageData Solutions helped multiple government clients implement a system that efficiently tracks many kinds of physical assets. Our flagship software solution BassetPro in combination with Barcode and RFID technologies efficiently and reliably addresses the above mentioned and other challenges.

Mobile BassetPro screenshot

BassetPro started life as a system to help manage an inventory of physical assets. This could be IT equipment, desks and chairs, heritage assets and artwork, safety equipment, archival files, production or test equipment, tools and jigs for maintenance, or mechanical systems used for air conditioning.

The system uses barcoded identification tags to identify assets, locations, and (sometimes) owners. Handheld computers (mobile data collectors) enable data to be collected easily, quickly and accurately.
A full featured desktop element of the system enables information to be analyzed and reported.

Comprehensive import and export capabilities mean that information can readily be exchanged with back end systems such as SAP, Oracle, FreeBalance, Quickbooks, etc.
BassetPro has been in the field for over 25 years. Our solution underwent multiple revisions and acquired new capabilities making it a very flexible mobile software platform.

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