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  • Explain the current state of technology as it applies to your specific needs
  • Develop solutions specific to your application
  • Configure software to match your needs and your current operating procedures
  • Assist with the start up, including data population and staff training
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure reliable operation
  • Upgrade your system as your needs change
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Order Barcode Labels
Examples of Barcodes

Five things you might want to know about Barcodes:

  1. You don't have to buy a printer
  2. Use black stripes on a white background
  3. 1D barcodes can do it all
  4. Best symbology is 128C - numeric content, and 2, 4, 6 or 8 chars
  5. Barcodes need room, and quiet

To reduce barcode size, improve readability, and avoid common mistakes
follow this link or click on barcode image

Examples of RFID tags

There are key things to know about RFID:

RFID myths explain many of them. To learn what is true and
what is false, click / tap on the RFID-samples image on the left

RFID has many strengths, but also some key limitations - watch
a short video that we prepared for you:

VIDEO about capabilities and limits of RFID technology

screenshot mobile software screenshot BassetPro

Five things to know about our Software:

  1. Used for many years by numerous clients
  2. Flexible. Multiple data fields and custom reports
  3. Versatile. Works with most barcode readers and mobile data collectors
  4. Can integrate with back-end systems like SAP, Quickbooks, etc.
  5. Cloud, on-premise and standalone installation options

Follow this link or click on images to learn about BassetPro

Video produced by: Peaking Zebra Productions

Video produced by: Frances Minhas and Sean Gurski

Video produced by: Frances Minhas and Sean Gurski

Video produced by: Frances Minhas and Trinity Joseph

Video produced by: Frances Minhas and John Rivenell

Video produced by: Frances Minhas and John Rivenell