Rental of Barcode readers, imagers, scanners; handheld computer; RFID equipment, etc.


SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

For many organizations, barcoding or RFID tagging of items is part of a larger process of undertaking regular audits of equipment, inventory or in-stock material. It may also be tied into more controls around an accounting system. This implies that there may be times when extra equipment is needed for a short amount of time - and this is where our equipment rental service may be helpful.

If you are in need of a quantity of specific equipment around a set date (e.g.: your fiscal year end or for an event such as a show or concert), or you need to do a one-time baseline audit of everything, do contact us. Not only can we supply hardware on a rental basis, but we may also be able to provide a full computerized data collection system for a short time - and even extra skilled short-term staff, should you need that added assistance too.

As always, we are ready to advise anyone on the most cost-effective approach to data collection. We have many clients who come to us once a year, every year for short-term assistance. Data collection and item tracking isn't always an ongoing steady stream of work, and we are there to assist during needed bumps in activity, if needed.

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