FIESTA - Fire Equipment Status Tracking System



FIESTA Features


Each piece of equipment is identified by a uniquely numbered BAR CODE label attached to it. This enables the user to enter the serial number, make and description, and reference that information at any time.


Together with the equipment's BAR CODE number, you enter other descriptive information about each location, such as floor, building and perhaps room number.


First you scan in the location BAR CODE, followed by the equipment's BAR CODE. If the association is correct, you continue to your next location; if it is not, a fire truck-like alarm will sound.


Under the View mode, you can modify maintenance/ inspection due dates.

Three report types are available;

Descriptive (a complete listing of all equipment, sorted by description or location), Inspection Due (all equipment due for inspection) and Maintenance Due (all equipment due for maintenance).

Reports can be viewed on the PC version of FiESTA.

FiESTA Benefits

FiESTA Clients

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