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An Introduction to BassetPro Alpha Solution

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Intelligence is key to the success of any project. In this sense, intelligence means knowledge - knowing what you have, what is happening, and what issues require attention.
BassetPro delivers information that enables critical decisions to be made, and as such, it is a key tool for managers at all levels.

The delivery of information that is timely and accurate requires three steps: collection, analysis and presentation.
SageData products are built around automatic identification, with mobile units used to ensure that data collection is easy, fast, accurate and complete. This enables high levels of data integrity. A user can rely on the accuracy and timeliness of the reports from this system

What does BassetPro do?

These systems can be used in any material management situation. They are used to track fixed assets, manage warehouse operations, and control dangerous materials.
The asset management variant is used by many Federal Government Departments for tracking IT materials, laptops, servers, AV equipment. They are used by the RCMP for tracking weapons, vehicles and radios, and for managing large scale events, including G7.

Who is SageData?

SageData are based in Ottawa, and have been supplying these systems to the Federal Government for more than 25 years. We have supplied nearly every Federal Government Department and Agency, and are currently providing material management services to track materials being removed and replaced on Parliament Hill.

How are these systems configured?

How would you like them to be configured?
We have installations on our servers, on client networks, or standalone (in many cases for high level security). User interfaces can be configured to your exact requirements.
External interfaces permit information to be exchanged with a variety of backend systems, including SAP, Peoplesoft, and Quickbooks.


Reading Server's barcode

Once BassetPro is installed and operational, the receipt, deployment, audit and disposal of equipment becomes extremely simple. Because asset tags with barcodes or RFID are used to identify items, tracking activity or registering a move or disposal becomes easy, fast and accurate.
Reporting is comprehensive and fast. So managers can have a full accounting. You can know exactly what you have, exactly where it is, and exactly when it was last touched.

BassetPro Alpha

This variant of the product is intended for larger organizations. There are no material limits. The system can accommodate thousands of users, custodians, assets, and daily transactions. The number of fields that can be managed is in excess of 100, and can be expanded if required. Reports are easily configured by the user. This system is built on baseline architecture that has already been used in major projects. The system can meet your identified immediate needs, but has the capacity to expand to accommodate new requirements as they arise.

Alpha Capabilities

Basset Pro Alpha can handle more than: 100 users, 1000 transactions per day, 1000 owners, 1000 locations, 1,000,000 assets. Technologies it can use include manual entry, barcode scanning, NFC, RFID, and BLE. For further information contact SageData. A project manager will assist you in confirming the appropriate configuration for your application.


This is the flagship product in the BassetPro line. It will guarantee security of mind for meeting known existing and unknowable future requirements.

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