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WHiPPET Warehouse Management System Benefits

SageData is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


In today's competitive environment, understanding the crucial role of a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a vital component in your organization.
WHiPPET is part of the BassetPro family of software products from SageData. It is a wireless system that provides real-time updates and access to your valuable data. It is designed for small-to-medium sized warehouses to provide a wide array of functionality to support warehouse and distribution applications.
In a time of increased demand and JIT inventory tracking becoming the norm, WHiPPET optimizes productivity, efficiency, and accuracy of your warehouse.

WHiPPET Benefits:

Mobile WMS using Zebra TC21
  • Increase Employee Efficiency and Productivity
    • Increase inventory and database accuracy to up to 99.5%
    • Real-time data management enables you to view the exact levels of your inventory
    • Online access to information
    • Using RF handhelds with built-in scanners will reduce the time spent on data entry
    • Quick handheld response promotes job satisfaction and efficiency
  • Reduce Operating and Capital Costs
    • Capital costs will be reduced by creating optimum warehouse space, usage and improve resources
    • Clerical costs of producing reports will be reduced because up-to-date information already exists in the database and there are predefined reports
    • Receiving discrepancies and inventory adjustments will be reduced by using handheld computers and bar codes
    • Computerizing information will eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce human error
  • Improve Customer Service
    • Customer response and order turnaround time is improved using real-time information
    • Eliminate of out-of-stock inventory
    • Prioritize customer orders
    • Ship orders more accurately using handheld computers and bar codes

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