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An information session Presented by SageData
November 24, 09:30 - 13:00
@ Hotel Indigo, 123 Metcalfe St, Ottawa

How IOT, Barcodes, RFID, Handheld computers and Bluetooth technologies can help you manage:

Assets, Inventory, File Storage, Chemicals, Controlled Drugs, Inspections, Security, Warehouses, Spare Parts, Preventative and Unscheduled Maintenance, and Facilities

Of interest to - Managers using or considering implementing technology to improve operational efficiency and accuracy

Purpose - to share Best Business Practice, and help ensure that current and future systems are easy to implement, easy to use, fast and accurate. This is an informal session followed by a light lunch

Agenda Latest advances in technology, including IOT, handheld computers, Bluetooth and RFID Some examples of successful implementations of these technologies, with time and money saved Five common things to avoid in planning a new system Five ideas to improve the usability of your current system Questions and answers - and a chance to meet other users and share information and ideas with them

SageData Solutions have been in this business for 25 years. We supply hardware. We supply software. But perhaps the most valuable thing that we provide is knowledge - knowledge of similar systems, knowledge of new technology, knowledge of potential trouble, knowledge of how basic design can make your system easier to install and operate. Knowledge of how to make your installation a success, and ongoing operations more efficient. The purpose of this session is to share as much of that knowledge as we can.

This is an informal session intended to share information that is valuable to our users and that might help potential users of these technologies more aware of both the strengths and weaknesses, to help in implementing the most appropriate solution.

For more information contact Keith Jackson or Doreen Wallace or Trinity Joseph at 613 225 4404

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Systems for the Canadian Government
BLE - Bluetooth
Low Energy Beacons
Barcode readers tethered Symbol LS2208
Everything makes sense.
- If it doesn't seem to make sense, it could just be that we don't understand it
RFID Reader
Asset Management with RFID or barcodes

Barcode Labels

Barcode and RFID labels
Barcode Reader, Cordless, from Symbol
We built a system using Barcodes
to manage

- We called it BassetPro
Fire Equipment Inspections

Library Management Software Using RFID

RFID Tag, UHF, Passive


RFID and Barcode Reader

for file tracking, library and asset management

Memor rugged hand held computer from Datalogix
Manage Assets in the cloud
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