PICS Features


Customer File


Customers (or users) are identified and can be provided with BAR CODED ID cards. An alternate option for tracking your customers (or users) is to assign them an alphanumeric code.


Stock File


Each stock item has a unique alphanumeric code. Your suppliers' names and their part numbers are entered, in addition to your minimum and maximum stock quantities.


Issues, Sales and Credit Transactions


Enter or scan your customer's (or user's) bar code, followed by the items being sold. At the end of the transaction, a printed receipt is available when issuing from the PC or after transferring from the handheld computer.


Receiving New Stock


In-coming stock can be received on either the portable handheld computer or by your PC. The BAR CODE number of the item is scanned in, followed by the quantity received.




There are seven reports available to choose from: Audit, Customer Transactions, Re-order, Discrepancy, Old Transactions, Issued Items or Receiving. You have various sort options, with a "Print Preview" available on the PC.



PICS Benefits


PICS Clients


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