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Ever since the first human traded a flint arrow-head for a dead rabbit, business people have been trying to improve the way they run their operations. Whether they provide goods or services, public or private, they face the same challenges.

Managers have readily identified the main contributors to success - the people, the finance, the knowledge and the reputation. But until now, little attention has been paid to the crucial fifth element, the physical assets. In the same way that our early business people relied on the deer antler used to dig out the flints, or the leather thong used to snare the rabbit, modern businesses are reliant on their physical assets - the servers, buildings, vehicles and equipment used by front line personnel.

PAS55 provides a tool and a methodology for measuring and monitoring the activities related to asset management.

What is an Asset?

PAS55 considers any physical thing that has value to be an asset. So Computers and Blackberries are counted, as are roads, sewers and rail track. People, intellectual property, money and brand are not considered to be assets for the purpose of PAS55

What is the scope of PAS55?

Cradle to grave. PAS55 is used to track all activities from the original consideration of whether an asset should be acquired (purchased or built) through to the point at which it has been disposed.

Where does it come from?

PAS55 originated from The Institute of Asset Management (The IAM). This is a professional institute based in the UK dedicated to developing and promoting best practices for the management of physical assets. In the same way that the changes in the approach to Quality Assurance introduced by Demming have led to a significant improvement in the quality of life and standard of living enjoyed by us all, so similar improvements in the way that we manage assets can contribute to our universal well-being.

What does it do for my organisation?

PAS55 provides a template of good practice, as developed by The IAM. All organisations, public and private will benefit from adoption of the approach laid down in the standard.

What does "PAS" stand for?

Publicly available standard. Though there is a fee for purchase of the documentation.

So what next?

Go to web, Google PAS55. There are a wealth of resources available. Join The IAM. This gives you access to further information on the IAM web site. Contact organisations that can help in reviewing your existing asset management procedures. A central thread of PAS55 is the mechanism for constant improvement

Where does SageData fit in?

SageData have been providing Asset Management tools for almost twenty years. We have gradually evolved from providing the front end data collection systems to providing consulting services and software tools that help you manage your assets - and achieve compliance with PAS55

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